Trade Tensions weighs on, USD Skids

June 19, 2018

A second day with Asian shares down to 4 –month lows, due to the US-China Trade tensions, this time around US President Trump threatens to impose 10% tariffs on 200 billion of Chinese produce. As Asian shares weigh, the impact is felt in with the EU and US shares as well.

The Yen gathered momentum as investors flocked to it, a resort to safeguard or hedge against volatile eventualities. USD/JPY was at 08:05 trading between 109.55 – 110.57 with nose down -0.70%
 By the time the European Market opened on Tuesday morning, the USD had been reported to have shed -0.31% versus the EUR. Trending in between 1.1572 – 1.1644

GBP has been bearishly silent ranging in between 1.3196 – 1.3273.
Gold spot flicks in hopes of crossing the psychological 1,290.00 resistances handle. Range bound between 1,280.60 – 1,286.50

 The EUR lost ground from it slight gains Monday, as eyes shift to the European Central Banking forum in Sintra, Portugal.

 The AUD, & CAD were also victims of the US-China trade tensions.

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